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What is the polar region in Wheel for Oneness

Wheel For Oneness is not limited to deserts, north and south poles on earth. In fact, whenever we fall into a low point in our lives, feeling lost, helpless, and hopeless, the idea of the "polar region" emerges in our hearts.

Wheel for Onenessis a platform/organization that provides opportunities for able-bodied individuals to learn from people with disabilities. Through various innovative and meaningful activities, every participant, regardless of their physical condition, can be inspired and understand the true meaning and direction of inclusion.

Communication + solidarity = inclusion

We understand that genuine solidarity and inclusion begin with effective communication, so we have been striving to promote tools that facilitate interaction between people with and without disabilities, including sign language, guiding/running techniques, and eye-tracking devices.
We actively collaborate with various organizations for people with disabilities, using the off-road wheelchairs unique to Wheel For Oneness in Asia, and running with children with mobility challenges to complete variouslong-distance running eventsFrom preparation to achieving the goal, both able-bodied and disabled participants work together to support and learn from each other. The experience of each "polar region" journey is unforgettable, enabling every participant to find the right attitude to problem-solving in the face of adversity and shortcomings, which is the ultimate "destination" of Wheel For Oneness.

Emphasizing education

Since its establishment, Wheel For Oneness has actively cooperated with many local kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities, businesses, community organizations, and other charitable organizations to organize lectures, sign language promotion, visual impairment experience, wheelchair use experience, and other forms of disability experience activities, in order to promote messages in every corner of Hong Kong.

Your support enables us to go further and push wider.

Inclusion, mutual learning, and sharing between people with and without disabilities.

Wheel For Oneness is a recognized charity under section 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance (File number: 91/16920).

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